The Waiting

Here’s another update and another opportunity for us to once again say thank you, thank you, thank you to all you kind souls out there! Our superhero made it through the last sessions of radiotherapy without any complications, apart from a few days of tolerable pain toward the end. Since then, he had a few days of reuniting with his friends at “dagis” (kindergarten) and other fun activities, only to catch a virus which kept him home with a fever for the last few days.

Last week we were finally able to send all the required documents to Memorial Sloan Kettering hospital in New York. Upon examining Luca’s medical files, Dr. Brian Kushner, one of the top neuroblastoma experts in the world and the brain behind the new vaccine, suggested that Luca might benefit from further treatment before receiving the vaccine. This set off a conversation between him and our oncologists in Sweden about what would give him the best chances (and what is possible with the amount of money that we have been able to raise).

So now we are in the waiting game again, hoping to find out soon what the next step of his treatment will be. Hopefully we can send you another update soon with more details. Until then, sending all our love and gratitude.

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