Some good news!

We cannot say it enough, thank you so so so much for all your support and donations! It means the world and more to us. Luca’s hospital in Lund is now in the process of getting all his documents translated into English to be sent to the hospital in New York, so that we can start planning the details of the vaccine treatment as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, we want to share with you the good news. All of the end of treatment tests from Copenhagen were clear! Every test period is heart-wrenching and this puts us in the best possible place to be to start the next step in the treatment plan.

Yesterday, Luca was once again put under anesthesia to prepare a radiation mask that will then be used during the 14 sessions of radiation that will be started in a week. As always, he made everyone laugh with his energy and enthusiasm. He was particularly excited to take his favourite stuffed monkey to see the other monkeys (!) that live in the trees in the waiting room of the radiation ward!

The fundraiser is still going, so please keep spreading the word and keep spreading love!

Luca, Erika, Umut

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