Again and again and again, thank you for donating and sharing and giving us so much love! We’ve been waiting with this update because we were hoping to write that we’ve now started planning the dates and details of the vaccine trial. But it is taking more time than we thought to get all the paperwork translated and sent off to MSKCC, so here is little update on where we are in terms of treatments right now.

At the moment, our superhero is making his way through radiotherapy. This part of the treatment is easier on him than chemotherapy and the other treatments that he’s been through. However, he has to be put under anesthetics for each session in order to lie completely still. This was made complicated during the first few days because he has a cold, which made it difficult for him to breathe under anesthesia. But now he’s getting better and we’re hoping that the sessions will go more smoothly from now on. Today was session 7 out of 14, so we’re halfway through!

We’re hoping that the next update will be about the specifics of our first trip to New York. Until then, thank you again, and peace, love and health to all! Here is Luca saying thank you to you and to the kind spirit that gave him this fantastic train track, which has entertained him at home between radiation sessions 🙂

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