Our big little man

The roller-coaster that we call our life has presented us with a few surprises since we last posted here. Slowly, but resolutely, Luca recovered from his first chemo and even managed to receive a second, reduced, dose without suffering much.

As we were preparing to head off to Barcelona to start the immunotherapy, we got the news from that his disease is not considered to be stable enough to start solo immunotherapy, that the only available option now is a combination of chemotherapy and immunotherapy which he would be given as “compassionate use” thanks to his doctor’s good relationship with Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York (this is a brand new trial available only in New York). We were not sure he could handle such a heavy treatment, but he was doing so well that we could not give up. His doctors in Sweden concurred. We had to give it a try.

And we did. We spent three weeks in Barcelona, where he had the first cycle of the so-called “combo”, five doses of chemotherapy and four doses of immunotherapy. The latter in particular was extremely painful, and combined with a mixture of morphine and other painkillers and antihistaminics, it knocked him out.

But our big little man was strong. Contrary to our and his doctors’ expectations, he weathered the storm quite smoothly, building legos, playing “bad guy and police”, running around and devouring unquantifiable amounts of sushi.

There have been moments when we have been losing hope. We know from past experience that the disease is a sneaky little scoundrel who likes to play games. So we are not getting carried away. But just as we are about to set off for Barcelona for the second cycle, we feel a little excitement that was not there before.

We owe it to him. We owe our will to fight, our strength, our “everything” to him.

Please continue keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.

P.S. The doctors will decide whether the treatment works after the second cycle. In case we continue the treatment, we will need help to amass a moderate amount of money to finance our expenses and the rest of the treatment. Nothing needed for now.

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  • Pelin Urgancilar

    Luca, you are my hero. So are your parents. When you get well, I will come and meet you in person. I will bring Dina, too. I am sure you two will like playing wirh each otner. Big hugs.

  • Dear Erika!
    I have been very touched by your Son and I am praying for him and wishing him that the treatment willl work for him. I am in contact with your Mom.
    Sending you lots of love! All the best!!


  • Canimin içi Luca Can,
    Seni hic unutmuyoruz, hep aklimizdasin. .Iyilesecegine butun kalbimizle inanarak senin icin dua ediyoruz. .Sen de lutfen iyilesecegin gunu dortgozle bekleyen Cook ama cok sevenin oldugunu hep hatirla emi. …

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