Looking for a miracle

This time, it wasn’t easy. Soon after our last update, we found out that the relapse was not local anymore and that he has 5 tumours in his body. This time, the tumour in the jaw was affecting his eating and causing a lot of pain. By the time his tests were done and the doctors decided on a treatment plan, he was already on three different painkillers.

Luckily, the treatment which consisted of chemotherapy in combination with a genetic anti-cancer drug (ALK inhibitor) did work and the pain is gone. Without having time to properly recover, however, he was struck down by an infection that kept him in hospital for ten days. As always, Luca has been a superhero (or a ninja, as he keeps saying referring to his latest passion) throughout everything.

His doctors stopped chemotherapy to try a new drug which he started last Wednesday. We are cautiously hopeful, but prepared to go back to the previous treatment protocol if this one does not work.

Please continue to pray for him or send him thoughts and good energy.

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  • I just came back from church praying for him. I pray for my superhero and his parents to have the strength to go through these very difficult times.
    big hugs,
    Can hala.

  • I’m sending all my love and prayers to you all, Umut. With all my heart. Little Ninja will fight!

  • İrem Alişanoğlu Polat

    Sevgili Luca çok çabalıyorsun, sen bir savaşçısın! Dualarım seninle…

  • Özgecan Cesur

    Luca, rüyalarımda. He’ll make it, more than any of us.

  • Cengiz Çandar

    Luca, hayranlarından biri olarak kahramanlığını sana anlatacağım günü/günleri iple çekiyorum. Dayan aslanım! Dünyanın bütün iyi insanlarının ve tüm meleklerin enerjisi seninle.

  • You are in my prayers, sweet Luca!

  • Miracles happen. Stay strong and keep fighting young man. I believe in you.

  • Kalbimiz sizinle…

  • You will make it Luca. I know that. Think only the beautiful things and feel them. These beautiful things will help you.

  • Ceren Lordoğlu

    Merhaba Luca, gücüne cesaretine hayranım. Tedavin bittiğinde kızım Nehir’le birlikte seninle tanışmayı çok isteriz. Bütün iyi dileklerim seninle 🙂

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